Choosing Cookware Based on the Material

Talking about cooking utensils cannot be separated from the basic ingredients of the tool itself, namely metal or metal. This metal or metal serves as a medium for delivering heat from a heat source to cooked food. So, before choosing or buying Thermador cooking utensils, it’s good to consider first the basic ingredients like:

Aluminum cookware
Aluminum is a very good heat conductor. In addition, the weight is also relatively light and safe for dishwashers. Even so, not a few people avoid cooking using this aluminum-based tool for health reasons.

Copper cookware
Besides aluminum, copper is also a good and efficient heat conductor, so it can deliver heat quickly and evenly. However, copper cooking utensils require more care to last longer. If it’s too hot it can cause a change in color and possibly affect the taste and color of food. Therefore to cover the shortcomings, many copper pots, and pans coated with stainless steel.

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