Digital Marketing Platform Trend

With the increasing digital lifestyle in recent years, the platform for digital marketing has become more popular. Previously, digital marketing was considered as an addition to traditional marketing activities. Today, the opposite is true: digital marketing can be and is used as the main marketing tool to get new customers and also retain existing customers. From a range of digital marketing currently available, many tools are available to help promote your business, including messaging, social media, web advertising, digital signage, marketing measurement and analysis, location-based geofencing services, mobile applications, and so on. Location-based services are increasingly in demand. It is estimated that it will increase in 2012. This service increases along with the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets. The popularity of this application signifies evolution in how to pick up customers. Now, users of mobile devices can take advantage of location-based services, such as information about specific places, maps, directions, and various other recommendations.

Meanwhile, marketers are interested in using this geosocial service to bring consumers closer to sales. Consumers are more interested in using their smartphones to get what they want in real-time or make purchases. An integrated digital marketing platform can provide many advantages in business. Organizations will be able to send personal communication to their stakeholders. No more uniform broadcast messages, which are irrelevant and often unwanted. Instead, imagine if each customer gets a unique and personal treatment based on their profile, needs, behavior, purchase traces, choices, and even the activities they do at your physical store. This will be an unforgettable experience that will create an emotional connection between the customer and the company.

Digital marketing allows companies to share market segmentation, to obtain a more specific and in-depth understanding of each segment. Therefore, with the right targets and effective promotions, the goals of sales and marketing can be realized.

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