Find Out What Are the Bad Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

Drinks that contain alcohol are certainly not dangerous drinks that can make you instantly addicted to consuming them. However, this only applies when you consume it in the right amount. Because in too much amount it will cause bad effects on a person’s body. Not surprisingly, if those who have been addicted to this drug will choosing alcohol rehab centers to treat the addiction.

Alcohol itself is a substance that affects the central nervous system. The nervous system is clear that serves to make the whole body work properly. For this reason, consuming large amounts of alcohol is obviously not very good for the body and brain. Some of the bad effects of alcohol on the brain are

– Change brain chemistry
The effect of relaxation (soothing) caused by alcohol is caused by changes in brain chemistry. However, when you drink most alcohol and at high levels, alcohol can actually trigger aggressive behavior.
This behavior disorder can occur due to unstable neurotransmitters, namely chemicals that are tasked with delivering messages between nerves. Yes, neurotransmitters can be chaotic as an effect of alcohol on the body.

– Increases the risk of mood disorders
Drinking alcohol every day increases the risk of depression. Depression occurs when there is a disruption of brain function in regulating mood and emotions. Mood disorders due to frequent drinking of alcohol also make it difficult for the brain to regulate the time for sleep and body energy balance.

– Brain damage, especially the part that regulates memory
Most drinking alcohol can cause the brain to stop processing and store new information in memory. That is why after being conscious of being drunk, you cannot remember well.
It also shows that brain cells have been damaged as an effect of alcohol. If this often happens, brain cell damage will become more serious. As a result, you can’t remember well, even if you don’t drink alcohol anymore.

Because of the effects of alcohol that are so bad on the brain, many people choose to rehabilitate themselves due to alcoholism.

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