Have a Tiny Condo? Here’s How to Set it Up!

Live in a small condo? Maybe, you find it difficult to do decorating in a one holland village showflat. This is due to space limitations that make it difficult for interior settings in the room. Now we will invite you to rearrange tiny condos to the maximum, giving the impression of being more aesthetic, but still functional. Now, how do you do it? Check out the following tips. Before that, you can visit our website to get the best condo deal.

Bathroom Door with Glass Panel

Following the spacious rooms of a one holland village showflat will affect the size of the bathroom model which is also narrow. To give the impression of being spacious and not stuffy, you can use a door with a glass type panel that can also add lighting to the bathroom. As a result, your bathroom will be impressed and provide comfort when using it.

Distribution of Kitchen Room and Storage

If it’s not arranged properly, you might have trouble finding the right corner for use as a clean kitchen. Even though your favorite one holland village showflat is only about 24 square meters in size, you can still have a kitchen function by utilizing the remaining space. Here, you can use a concrete shelf where the users are divided, for example, the right side for the kitchen and the equipment, while the other parts are used to store TV and electronic equipment. At the bottom of the shelf, you can also maximize storage space to place luggage and shoes.

Apply Partition

Even though your one holland village showflat is small, you can still apply the room partition as a barrier between the bed and the other room. In its application, of course, the partition for small condo has a different shape with the usual partition at home.

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