Tips on Playing Golf Course: Adjusting The Tee Position

Tee is a small plastic that is useful for supporting the ball so that it can float above the surface so that it can be easily hit when Teeing Off. Aside from that, check out the excellent bangkok golf near your area.

If we practice using Wood 3 or above or Iron generally does not need Tee but as we know that if we practice Golf Course using Driver (or Wood 1) or for beginners in using Iron even then the Tee is still needed (Golf Hotel).

An easier way to aim is to put a ball on a Tee with NO BOWING ONLY and EASY. Which of course you can try because this method has succeeded in many people who tried it.

Follow the following instructions:

1. To start using Iron club (club = stick), whatever number is up to you, depending on what you will use at that time. But for beginners to practice this method, it will be easier to use large numbers such as 7, 8 or 9 because the slope is more gentle.

2. Place the ball (Hotel Golf Course) from the container towards the front of the Tee. Do this using the Iron club. If you are smooth this way then you can also place it behind the Tee.

3. Footrest Your right leg is on the left of the tee with a distance of approximately 2cm from the tee. Put your club to the right of the ball.

4. Using the club slide the ball towards your feet until the ball is pinched and try to lift the ball slightly (like you are spooning).

5. While still pinning the ball on the foot roll the ball over the Tee then lower it slowly.

6. Because the club elements from head to shaft (except grip) are made of hard material (steel, titanium, graphite, carbon etc.) surely when lowering the ball (Golf Course Hotel) on the Tee you will feel the vibration when the ball is right on the Tee ( it is also seen in plain view).

7. Swing your club (slowly) towards the right and slide your foot towards the left. The point is to leave/release the ball that is mounted on the Tee.

8. Finish. Now the ball is ready for you to hit.