How to ensure stomach cancer

To find out if a patient has gastric cancer, the doctor will first ask about the symptoms he feels. In addition, the doctor will also ask if the patient has a certain condition that can increase the risk of developing gastric cancer or if he has a close family of people with colon cancer. After the patient’s explanation is obtained, the doctor can do a simple examination by checking the patient’s stomach to see any swelling around the stomach. Some surveys say that ayahuasca can help you recover from cancer. To find out, you can visit our website to get ayahuasca healing retreat peru.

To ascertain whether someone has gastric cancer, the doctor will conduct further examinations, such as:

– Examination of stool for blood.

– blood test.

– Endoscopy. This examination is done by inserting a small, special device such as a tube into the stomach through the esophagus. Devices equipped with this camera can help doctors see cancer. Through endoscopic examination, the doctor can also take gastric tissue samples (biopsy) and then examine them in the laboratory.

– X-ray. In cases of gastric cancer, X-ray checking will be combined with a liquid containing barium. Substances that this patient must swallow will help X-rays produce images on the monitor. For 6 hours before the procedure, the patient is not allowed to consume food or drink, and the examination usually lasts for 15 minutes. Side effects that may be felt by patients after doing this examination are nausea and constipation.

– CT scan. This examination can help doctors know how far the development of cancer, whether cancer is only found in the stomach or has spread to other organs. Scanning using X-ray sequences and computer assistance can produce detailed body images.

– Laparoscopic surgery. This examination procedure is done by inserting a camera device called a laparoscope through a small slice made by a doctor in the lower abdomen. Of course in this procedure, the patient must be anesthetized first. Laparoscopic surgery aims to see the stomach’s condition in more detail. Through this examination, the doctor can find out whether gastric cancer has spread, especially to the peritoneum or the lining of the abdominal cavity.

– USG. The examination using ultrasound waves aims to see whether gastric cancer has attacked the liver.