These Are Two Reasons Why You Should Stop Comparing Between Film Adaptations and Novels

Now, there are many genres of films that you can enjoy in your spare time. Some of the films are usually films that are specifically made to be aired or a film adapted from a novel. Whatever genre of movies you will watch, see reviews and ratings in ShowBox.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who always compare films that are adapted from a novel with the original novel. In fact, both of them are clearly different. Some of the reasons you should stop comparing the two are

1. The conversation between films and novels will be different. Because not all films are adapted from novels, the script is also made by the same novelist. Of course, the taste will be different.

2. Everyone or audience certainly has a different character. People who like books or novels will definitely watch the film even though they see there are flaws in the film. But, for those who like watching movies, he doesn’t want to bother reading his novels and asking for comparisons in films and novels to his friends who read novels

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