Tips for Safe Driving at Night

Lately I often read robbery cases that befall women. Inevitably, women are targeted by robbery victims, especially when driving alone at night. The reason is cliché, yes, because women tend to be less alert, less suspicious. So it’s easier to get caught in the trap. Get the best car hire at Luxury Prestige Car Hire Ltd.

Not to mention if you look at the current robber mode of the motorist who is smart to manipulate the emotions of the driver. Starting from the mode of inserting flyers, offering business cards, even blatantly throwing eggs into the windshield! So if you are stunned or instinctive about something wrong you are not working well, chances are that you can become a victim.

If you are a woman who is active and accustomed to driving her own car, you must understand 7 tips for safe driving at night. It’s not like you want to scare, but you must have a vigilant nature. Remember, better to be safe than sorry!

1. Check the travel route
When you have to travel, check and plan the route first. Want to go by road A, continue to B, turn to C. Or take an alternative route? This is important, you know. Don’t let you go around and look lost. Especially until you have to stop and ask the group of people to hang out. If you are not sure about the area you are going through, choose a route that is brighter and busier.

2. Identify important locations
In addition to checking routes, it is also important for you to check the existence of important locations such as police stations, gas stations, or the nearest 24-hour shop.

3. The smartphone is always standby
Make sure the smartphone is in top condition; full battery and good internet signal. Tell the people closest to your current position and your destination. And report them regularly.

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